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Hi There! Welcome to my poetry page. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and read some of my poems. These are just a few of my favorites posted here. I will post others on a bi-weekly to monthly basis.  Sometime in the near future, I will most likely select the ones I feel are best and compile them into a book of poetry. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what I have presented here.    



Bird of Peace

I awaken in the early eve,

The fluttering of a dove outside my pane

White plumage turned golden through half closed shades

So beautiful this bird of peace.... of love


The room darkens with twilight glow

Shadows dance along the wall

A rustling of movement stirs outside

I look into the cool night air, with sleep filled eyes

So beautiful this bird of peace... of love


The sun gone down, gives way to stars

But someone lingers not too far

My love comes to me through the trees

To bind my heart eternally


To dance and linger in her arms

A summer night spellbound in her charms

So tender, sweet her mystic eyes

A love so strong she casts inside


As morning comes, she leaves again

When she returns... I know not when

I awaken in the early morn

The fluttering of a dove outside my pane

White plumage turned golden through half closed shades

So beautiful this bird of peace... of love





Earth Mother

We come into existence in this world

Life forms within the cocoon of the Goddess Earth   

In time we open our eyes, we hear the sounds of Gaia

Weened from the milk of our Earth Mother,

We become entities that determine our own fate

Life forms, growing, expanding, numerous

Love, compassion, harmony, peace, stewards

Hate, indifference, contention, war, destroyers

Precarious, delicate, our home in space

Our lives affect the well being of our Earth Mother

Life in balance, Earth Mother nurtures us

Life out of balance, Earth Mother severs our cord

We grow older, life ushers us unto death

On the cusp, we know the path we have left behind us

Love, compassion, harmony, peace, stewards

Hate, indifference, contention, war, destroyers

In death, we move into the void

What have we wrought for our Earth Mother?





I Knew An Angel

When I was young, I was told of angels

Of beautiful, shining beings

Protecting those that need it most

Guiding the true of heart, the kind, the compassionate

I believed with all my soul

An angel was walking with me through life


The older I became, and innocence waned

My angel slowly faded away from me

When I became a man, an angel I did not need

Childhood wishes and dreams, no longer tenable,

Were put away, in a place almost forgotten

My angel too, was forsaken.


Walking on my own,

On life’s path of uncertainty,

I perceive the inequities of life’s realities.

Still I did not flounder.

Resolute was my heart, mind and soul.

My angel no longer beside me


I refuse to believe in that which I cannot see.

I cannot trust in that which does not reveal itself.

I will not place my heart and mind in

things that make up childhood dreams.

My world filled with facts and science,

left no room for a realm born in a time of innocence.


As time passes by,

My feet search for the path.

My mind longs for comfort.

My heart strives for truth.

My soul seeks its dreams.

My angel lost in the chaos of life.


Sometimes I wonder,

in the confusion of our world,

when my heart falters, and my mind is clouded,

and my soul is weary,

who will guide me?

Where was my angel?


As I stand on the brink of my later years,

The Earth continues to turn about.

Life stays its steadfast course.

Despair slowly enters my world, my hopes, my future.

My path still searches for my angel.

But I know they cannot exist in my world.






God Bless America…

Our food sources are contaminated… our corporate farms are expanding,

Our air is too dangerous to breathe… we allow airborne polluters to thrive,

We preach Christianity… we have no ethics,

We demand the Ten Commandments to be in our government foyers… we have no morals,

We live the American Dream… we kill for our own profit,

We bring ‘freedom” to foreign nations… we start wars for money,

We want to go to Mars… we are killing our own Earth,

Our principles for life are sacred… our principles for living kill most other species,

We thirst for oil… our lakes and streams are killed by acid rain,

We have corporate fishing… our oceans are dieing,

Our leaders are liars… we hail them,

We believe in democracy… we support dictators and subjugate nations,

We believe in capitalism… we employ slave labor around the world,

We have our estate planning… our financial institutions are corrupt,

We believe in our military… we sacrifice our young men and women for greed,

We believe in education… our children can not learn,

We have our universities… our educational foundations are crumbling,

We tax the poor and middle class… we support corporate welfare,

We pray in public… we hate in private,

We love the rich… we hold disdain for the poor,

We hate abortion… we despise child welfare,

We have affirmative action… we are racists,

We believe in patriotism… we are hypocrites,

We claim to be honest… we are liars,

We are self righteous… we destroy in the name of God,

We believe in the Bible… we sleep with the money changers,

We think sex is abhorrent… we are whores for the almighty dollar,

We love the institution of religion… we loathe science,

We embrace miracles… we defy logic,

Our corporate stocks keep rising… our jobs are left wanting,

We claim to love… we preach hate,

We have our courts… our justice is absent,

We have our rights… our liberty wanes,

We have our president… our blind nationalism destroys our Constitution.

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