Jon K. Hager

Jon Hager is a native from California, born in the Los Angeles area in 1960. His career in the computer field moved him to several locations in the Western U.S. Today, Jon lives in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, in Utah. Raised in a very conservative and strict religious home environment, he has sought his own path in his spiritual and personal life.  After his divorce and the raising of his two sons, Jon strives to experience the many esoteric and adventurous aspects of what life offers. Jon, always a seeker of truth and attaining knowledge, has been intrigued with his inner spiritual growth since he was a small child. Seeking an understanding of something greater than our physical human lives has been a factor in Jon's endeavor, into several religious and spiritual paths. His current path in witchcraft and Heathen practices in general, was formed from his interest in the local Pagan community in the Salt Lake Valley. Known as the Mormon Vatican, Salt Lake City is also home to a wide and surprisingly varied spiritual community. Having learned from two spiritual teachers, and through his own accomplishments along his spiritual journey, Jon attained his First Degree cord as a witch, in 2003. Having helped to found a local coven in the Salt Lake Valley, Jon was also a member in an eclectic and diverse spiritual group known as a Henge. Through several years of his membership in the Henge, Jon evolved through many aspects of Pagan beliefs and gained a well rounded grasp of Druidism, Celtic, Nordic and Germanic Traditions. Nowadays, Jon prefers to practice in a more private manner. No longer an active participant in the local Pagan community, Jon is now a solitaire practitioner of witchcraft and Pagan spiritual beliefs. A lifelong hiker, backpacker and minimalist camper, Jon has explored many remote and out of the way places in the Western United States. A lover of nature, he has experienced many extended solo backpack trips into some of the roughest and wildest areas of the U.S. Although not holding a degree in either literature or journalism, Jon always had a knack for creative writing. Jon’s years of Pagan spiritual practices and wilderness experiences, along with his excellent grasp of the written English language, has moved him to write this book of witchcraft short stories. Along with many poems, Jon has written three full length novels, which, eventually will be featured here. He is currently working on a follow up book of short stories, regarding the subject of witch craft.

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