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Hi! This is my Excellent Adventures page. These are just  few of my back country adventures from 2012-2013. My Mt. Whitney ascent took place on the weekend of September 20-22nd 2012. Mt. Whitney is the highest point in the lower forty eight states and tops out at 14,496 ft. It had to be one of the most exhilarating adventures of my lifetime. I accompanied my buddy Dave on this excellent adventure. So, I like to call this Mt. Whitney excursion. "Jon and Dave's Excellent Mt. Whitney Adventure". I hope you like the photos. The last nine pictures were taken by Dave and he graciously allowed me to post them on my website. Thanks Dave! Just click on the Mt. Whitney Ascent drop down link to see the pics. Very soon, I plan on adding photos from our excellent adventure to the summit of King's Peak, the highest point in Utah, and our trip to Cirque of the Towers, in the Wind River Range in Wyoming. So come back again, for these excellent adventure updates. Enjoy!

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