Tales of the Esbat:

Thirteen Stories of Witches and Witchcraft



Hail and welcome!

I'm happy to have you visit my website... a place for me to share my writings with you. Currently, I am featuring my latest writing endeavor, "Tales of the Esbat: Thirteen Stories of Witches and Witchcraft".

As the title conveys, this is a book comprised of thirteen short stories on the topic of witchcraft and the lunar cycle. Feel free to peruse the sampling of my short stories that are included in this book. I will update them on a bi-weekly to monthly basis.

You can also read some of my poems that I will present in a similar time frame. Just click the links above. Enjoy your reading and keep an eye out for updates on my follow up book regarding further tales of witches and witchcraft.

Comments and critiques are more than welcome. So please, by all means, let me know what you think of my stories and poems.

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